Why Get Reiki?

Spirit may operate through the brilliant pinpoint of YOU.

Spirit may operate through the brilliant pinpoint of YOU.

The benefits are many and reach all levels. See a list of benefits in the “How Reiki Can Help You” pull down tab.

REIKI (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese relaxation technique for stress reduction and relaxation. From that state, healing can take place on many levels including physical, emotional, and spiritual. The system of Reiki focuses frequencies of energy vibration that can clear and detox then strengthen and support the body to heal and balance itself. Clients who have received Reiki treatments have found that the energy treatment helped them with a variety of needs including physical issues such as high blood pressure, sinus issues, chronic pain, acute injury and pain. Clients report that after Reiki they feel emotionally and mentally supported with a centeredness and clarity. “It is transformational.”

How does it work?

The Japanese translation for Rei-Ki is “Spiritually Guided Universal Energy.” Every living thing has Life Force Energy within, also known as Chi, and this energy is what shows up as our Well-Being. When the energy is blocked or out of balance, our health is compromised. And when this energy is unblocked, balanced, and free flowing then we are in a better state of health, optimizing the potential for supporting and allowing the body to do its work of healing itself.

This may manifest for example as faster wound or injury healing, balanced blood pressure, or a stronger immune system. Healing on the mental and emotional level may promote clarity, understanding, and better coping mechanisms. Spiritual healing happens through an energy that helps to open our Spiritual side to connect with Spirit.

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