How Reiki Can Help You

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“Obstacles by Design”. Hmm…to test, to teach, and then to prevail.

Reiki can help your body heal itself, amplify your spiritual gifts, balance your left and right brain hemispheres, and assist the body to be healthy so you can achieve happiness. Reiki energy can be channeled to others to provide the same.

Reiki has helped others as it

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Lowers stress levels and increases relaxation
  • Helps to relieve pain
  • Assists in opening to new levels of spiritual development
  • Helps to balance and clear the chakra/energy systems
  • Supports tolerance of others, thus harmonizing relationships
  • Assists you in transforming situations in your life where you feel blocked
  • Gives you a vehicle to express your healing gifts
  • Gives you a tool to work with for sensing into the future or into the past
  • Assists in opening your development of relationships to higher energies & guides
  • Allows you to receive insights and inspiration about creative projects
  • Supports the resolution of unresolved or repressed emotions
  • Supports the healing response in the physical, mental and emotional realms
  • Assists in creating a life that holds more light, flow and harmony

Reiki Classes give you information and practical techniques for using Reiki in self-care and caring for family, friends, and others. It addresses questions, concerns, and applications that will benefit you in your personal growth and in addressing client concerns should you choose to establish a client program. There will be several on-going opportunities after each class to provide you with continuing guidance and practice in your self-healing and your client practice.

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