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When Spirit Speaks, the Book

Sharyn’s soon-to-be-published book is called Spirit Speaks.  It is a collection of true stories highlighting incredible messages from Spirit.  A sub title could be “What Heaven Is Talking About!” and what it is that Heaven wants us to know. Read more

“I love hearing from all identities of God, Spirit, and the Collective of them all. If you do too, you will want to read my other titles in the Live In The Light Series called The Departed Speaks and The Collective Speaks. This series of books celebrates that God in all Oneness and all Identities is available, accessible, and eager to serve humanity. God and the Beings of other dimensions want us to know more to illuminate our journey, lighten our load, and be soothed as we explore the expansion of who we are in the multiverse of God and Spirit.
The messages you will read in The Departed Speaks are written down as I heard them from departed loves ones, mine and those of my friends, family, and clients. They want us to know what it is like to die and what it is like to live, from heaven’s perspective. There is much to learn from these souls who have accomplished the passing on, and from that knowing they are eager to tell us about it from their place of discovery, excitement, new-found awareness, and recognition of the multi-dimensional way of life. They offer us advice for getting through the grief, information to help us recognize the signs they send for our relief, and their thoughts about how to live might change our misconceptions about life, death, and life again.

The messages in The Collective Speaks are from the Collective, the group of departed souls and Spirit speaking as one. These are loved ones, guardians, guides, the celestial energies of angelic beings, ascended masters, God and identities of God. They answer the hard questions so we can learn, understand, and know for certain that life is sacred, that communication with Spirit is a conversation to behold, and that they are on our side speaking about the treasures and gifts offered to us for the benefit of all the Kingdoms and cultures on our planet and in the multiverse.

Enjoy all the messages. Find the resonance of truth in them that can impact how you live and help you to sustain the perspective of Spirit who will never let you down. My sacred intention is that these words will be customized by Spirit so that we all receive what we need at this moment in our lives. Highlight those mantras, that encouragement that speaks to you. My hope is that they will guide, inspire, and teach you as they have taught me. I hope that you find help for connecting with God and all identities of God including departed souls in spirit. These connections in turn will help you on your sacred journey this time around, this journey of healing, evolving, and being of service.

I hope that these collections give answers and solve mysteries about what we may otherwise have trouble visualizing. I hope they bring hope from the insights that life is worth the effort and love is worth the cost. May we all remember there are eternal reasons for everything. I hope they generate an inspiration for you to practice and develop your innate intuition, continue your conversations with other dimensions, and keep in touch with your Spirit Team to connect with “All That Is.” Thank you for your seeking and being a part of raising the consciousness of the planet.

Join me in the conversation. Send me your stories of messages from Spirit. Give me your permission to share them and that becomes Spirit Speaks Messages From Around the World to further inspire us to seek and know our Spirit. It would help us all wrap our brains around the truth of Oneness that all living things on our planet Earth are One with the universal Spirit Speaks of galaxies. Email me at:”


Messages that Spirit has spoken to Sharyn outside the context of Reiki sessions are “channelings”. Some will make you smile, some will bring you to tears, and some will resonate as Truth you are meant to hear to help with answers to some pretty tough questions. Sometimes Spirit says to Sharyn “Get our your pencil and paper; here is a message.” And sometimes with specific questions in mind, Sharyn asks outright “May we hear Your insight and help?”

Sometimes it happens like this.  Sharyn was feeling a little tired and weary with thought and worry when she heard in her soul, “Just sit down and rest a moment.  And have with you your tablet and pen.  I am Muriel. Let me tell you about Who I am and the work of the Archangels.”  She sat on a rocking chair and the words began to flow.  Words inspired and energized by Spirit.

“It’s both surprising and mind blowing when it happens,” Sharyn explains.  “The confirmation from the feeling and presence of the Spirit of love and peace make the experience unmistakably healing, comforting, and real.  We are multi-sensory beings and the more I have these opportunities to hear from Spirit, the more I know without a doubt that the work of Spirit is all for our highest good.”

Right after the Paris attacks at the end of 2015, Sharyn was upset and asked, “How are we to respond to these atrocities? How are we as Light Workers to respond to hatred and vengeance?” What was given is wisdom for the paradigm of fear and atrocity.  We will share it with you soon on this website.  It’s quite fascinating and powerful, so powerful that Sharyn found a peace and tolerance from the understanding that silenced her own reactive wish to strike back for the innocents. Find out more

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