Cortland Reiki

NOTE:  Check out the website tab for Classes & Events, click on Calendar for Reiki Share dates AND click on the calendar day itself for information about the meditation & short presentation topic.

There is a group of Reiki people who meet in downtown Cortland once a month. We are Reiki believers, students,  Janet.Sara.Michele  practitioners, and teachers who come from all over Central New York. We call it our Reiki Share and you may want to join us sometime. We meet for two hours generally on a Sunday morning and it’s the most energy infused two hours of the month. There are so many ways by meeting together that we can help each other in our understanding and application of Reiki, in our own need for the healing of ourselves and loved ones, and in hearing about and growing in our knowledge of worldwide Reiki. Our coordinators are Sharyn and Eileen, and our media person is Michelle.

During the first hour Tony.Eileen.Michelle.Colleenwe share our long distant REQUESTS for Reiki and catch up on Reiki happenings and EVENTS. By the way, let us know what YOUR requests are and YOUR news or events so we can share.  One of the favorite parts of our Reiki Share is the lovely meditations by Eileen Deppoliti.  What a special way to bring in the Reiki energy that touches each of us exactly where we need it. And the second hour is devoted to giving Reiki to each other as partners or in groups.

Bring your CRYSTALS if you want to charge them with this wonderful energy and bring yourSylvia Toby reikiself for a good dose of amazing healing energy. There is no doubt that when two or more Reiki people are gathered there is power in the midst of them!

We hope to expand our OUTREACH and through our connections with each other not only give strength and support to our work and beliefs as Light Workers ourselves, but also from the group find ways to serve the community with volunteer clinics, hospital work, helping students at the college, or helping anyone in need. We would like to add classes that you are interested in, and perhaps someday soon plan a local Reiki Retreat weekend.

There is also much more we want to do using Reiki for ANIMALS. Some members of the group work regularly with horses as well as cats and dogs and many other animal friends. You’ll want to learn more about what Michelle is doing Toby Christmas big orbwith vibrational healing for animals using tuning forks and other special energy techniques, what Colleen and Sara are doing with horses, and more. Have you seen the latest photo of Sylvia working with her beloved Toby? That is some orb, isn’t it???

Many people in our group are members of the Central New York Reiki Association CNYRA lead by Mary Riposo of the Infinite Light Center in Jamesville, NY. There are many benefits from being a member and this is yet another way we support each other and gain strength from the wonderful collaboration of Reiki people.

And PLEASE, if Sundays don’t work for you, let us know what days or times would be better; we are open to varying times to meet needs. Check our website calendar for meeting dates, or email us and we can fill you in on thAndreae currenLaura.Eileen.Tonyt date and location of our gathering. If you sign up below, you can receive our monthly email newsletter which will come to you from “Cortland Reiki.”  We include in our newsletter your requests for Long Distance Reiki.  Send us your requests so we can include them.

Add your name to our email list to receive our Reiki Share-newsletter for Reiki practitioners of any level.  If you are not a practitioner and would like more information about Reiki, feel free to contact us.

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