Why Learn Reiki?

I start life in water then move to the air and fly. What change do YOU need so you can fly?

I start life in water then move to the air and fly. What change do YOU need so you can fly?

Reiki can be learned by anyone of any age. It is an energy modality that you can use for yourself, for others , and for any living thing.  Reiki healing benefits range from specific health needs to restoring and re-balancing mental and emotional needs to developing a deeper connection to your spiritual side. The channeling of this healing is opened and activated during the classes through the Reiki attunements.

Many of our students want to learn Reiki to help their family and friends. What a gift of love to give this healing work to those we love. And what a surprise to see that the healing may go deeper and broader than expected! After seeing the effects, many find themselves going beyond their initial purpose for learning Reiki to giving Reiki to their pets, plants, and even the food they eat. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is how life changing it is for the healing it gives right back to you.

Some students learn Reiki to complement their profession. Reiki is complementary to any medical work Western or Chinese, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Massage, and more. Reiki is complementary to working in Education, in Business, and in Retail. The benefits of incorporating Reiki into any program include learning how to relax, how to release stress and anxiety, advancing clarity and creative thinking. There are benefits for many different specific issues like assisting in lowering blood pressure, diminishing side effects from chemotherapy, decreasing the time it takes to heal from surgery, and overall well-being of the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is holistic and the effects can be powerful.

It is exciting to see those who complete our programs take Reiki knowledge, skill and service back to their families, neighborhoods, to their jobs and into the community. Some volunteer their services to help those in need such as in nursing home and oncology patients, abused adults and children, and hospital patients and caregivers. Some open their own practices and still others become Reiki Teachers.

Our intention is to provide well-researched knowledge in Reiki training and teach it in a way that is individualized and practical. We are motivated from the heart space because we see the life changing value of the application of Reiki for individuals, for communities, and for the entire planet with the sacred consciousness that it promotes.

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