About Sharyn

Sharyn photo 11.15Sharyn Madison, MS, SCT
Masters of Science in Education and Coaching
Licensed Aesthetician
Registered Usui Reiki Holy Fire Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Holy Fire Master Teacher
Authorized Provider of LMT CEU credits

Sharyn has been a service provider her entire life. Starting as a high school student teaching religion classes and working with youth groups, she went on to earn her Bachelor and Masters Degrees with dual certification in Education and Physical Education K-12.  Sharyn has been a professional educator and coach in both public and private schools for over 30 years. During those years she was a Workshop speaker for educational events such as the National Reading Conference, a presenter for Spiritual Retreats, and was the guest speaker for several Women’s Retreats. Along with that, she developed and presented several leadership and teacher conferences called the “Laws of the Learner.”

Sharyn combined her continuing love for learning and service by participating in several international trips. Some of the projects she worked on included refurbishing a school in Colombia, South America, building a gym in Guadeloupe, painting a church in the Dominican Republic and teaching English in Thailand.

Sharyn’s service work evolved next with opening a Wellness Center in Central New York. It became so successful that she retired from teaching to focus on ownership, management and providing services in Skin Care Therapy, Reiki treatments and Reiki classes. Sharyn completed training at the Aesthetics School in Rochester in the science and art of skin care therapy continuing with masters classes in New York City as well as cities across the United States.

As a Reiki Provider, Sharyn has experience and education at master levels in Karuna, Usui Reiki, and the new Holy Fire Reiki. She gives Reiki treatments, presentations about Reiki, teaches classes for all levels including the highest Masters Certification, private sessions for Reiki business and personal growth development, and is authorized by the professional American Bodyworkers and Massage Professional Association to give CEU credits to qualified LMT students .

After 15 years of successful ownership of the Wellness Center, Sharyn continues to provide Skin Care Therapy while recently scaling back to spend more time writing, focusing on Reiki, and her photography. She is delighted to see the alternative healing modalities grow to have more widespread acceptance and popularity in mainstream hospital and traditional western medicine settings as well as Alternative, Wellness, and Spa Centers. About her work with Reiki, she says, “Reiki treatments can be so powerful in their healing. It’s amazing and an honor to be a Reiki provider and teacher.”

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