Reiki Share January 22 , 2017

January 22, 2017

Contents:  Important Reiki Request, Announcements of Upcoming Events, Re-Cap of our Share, Photos!

Following these announcements is a re-cap of the Reiki Share.  For those who were able to come, it was awesome, yes?  Thank you to everyone who brought a donation for the Gift Basket.  Wasn’t that fun!  I got texts early Monday morning from the excited staff at Wall Street with cheers and many thanks for all the gifts.  Here are a couple photos of Lucca finding the special dog treats.  She promises to save some for Nino who wasn’t in the office today. 

Important Request:  Jane, who was not able to come on Sunday, asks to please send Reiki to her husband especially on Wednesday.  He is having back surgery at Upstate.  Sending healing and love to them.

Reminders:  Next Reiki Share is February 19.  Annette will be sharing about Chakra Balancing.  Also upcoming:  February Reiki Classes—all levels.  Direct any questions to Sharyn or Annette.  Send anyone you know who may be interested to my website  Also go there to read Spirit’s answers to some of our questions from December Reiki Share.  See the calendar also for events, shares, and classes at Infinite Light Center including the Animal Communication Class March 4 which is filling up quickly.

August 11-12 is the Eighth Annual Reiki Retreat!  Forward to us any ideas you have of topics you would like to see presented.

We started out the New Year just right with a Reiki Share full of inspiration and support for what we do and who we are.  With 22 Reiki practitioners present, we connected with that special Reiki energy for sharing in our meditation, techniques, and reiki for each other.  Note for those there–your special long distance requests are in the Light and Love of Reiki.

Ruth led us in the White Stone Ceremony.  Love the history of this.  She walked with us through the beautiful meditation she wrote and guided us to listen for our “new name”.  We wrote words or names or impressions on our white stone “receipt” to carry now as a reminder that the past is behind us and with our new name for 2017 we have much to look forward to.

Aaron then shared the long distance Reiki technique that he has been using called the Crystal Body Reiki Session.   Following the leading of Reiki energy, he set up a “body” on the Reiki table using all crystals, Himalayan Salt, and  Palo Santo wood.  We saw as he demonstrated with the pendulum how much energy was created from the set up.  And he gave examples of how each body setup session is unique and individualized for each client and shared powerful outcomes he has experienced.  It was inspirational to see.

For the second half of the Share we worked in small groups giving Reiki to each other.  I just got an email from one of our group who put it in words like this:  “The people are just amazing and the energy over the top!!”


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