Where does Ego reside?

So EGO is by humanity’s design to shield our self from fears like unworthiness, not being good enough, and having no value.  Is it born within us?  Where does it reside?  When we die, does ego die?

It is an earth plane design so remains in the earth plane when you die.  We never felt a need for EGO in the Spirit consciousness.  We prefer to focus on love which is effect gives you that healthy worthiness that makes the need for EGO null and void.Image result for spirit consciousness

When the soul is in the human body, it resides in the energy of the DNA.  As does EGO. It resides in the DNA and is activated as a human grows.  It is activated and given its own strength within environments that nurture it.  Giving it strength to build also comes from people around you like family and friends, and from the circumstances of life all of which are as varied and individualized as there are humans.  As a result, the status or health and strength of a person’s ego is unique to each.  The path to it as well as the path to manage it is equally unique.

The managing of it is indeed a challenge and one that must be met in order to find the best part of ego which comes after the building of it.  EGO once in place can grow throughout one’s life the positive effect being a healthy confidence.  It is a fine line however to walk on the edge of EGO balancing it, expressing it without offending the beloved around you.  So we prefer to label the most powerful gift of EGO to be SACRED EGO.  It is the EGO that keeps eternity’s values in view.  The EGO that willingly wants to co-create.  The Ego that loves itself in such a way that it can love others even more and love them unconditionally—without any conditions.  To master the EGO to develop the SACRED EGO, think on this:

                I AM a child of God.

                I am a CHILD of God.

                I am a child of GOD, the source of All That Is.

Like Sharyn says, when in a funk, rehearse the I AM’s.  I AM blessed, I AM healthy, I Am capable.  This is an act of treasuring who you are.  And remembering who you really are.

The EGO resides in the DNA along with energy such as the energy that is the essence of spirit; of the soul.  It is fed by the thoughts, by the stories, by the heart.  What feeds YOUR EGO, or your soul?  You have heard, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Treasure the value of your heart just as you value other people, other things, other understandings, other truth.

So why doesn’t it go with you to heaven?  Because there is no need for it.  The challenge of it remains in the earth plane.

How do you master it?  It is in your DNA so master it by your thoughts, by DNA healing, and by meditating with the mantra “So is God, so am I.”  God is love, compassion, peace, and Light.  So are you.  Be that which you are.  Remain in that space, that dialogue, that aura.

We would not dwell on the challenge of it but since you asked, the trial is when EGO in its unbalanced state becomes a source of fear, negativity, revenge, even anger and hatred.  EGO is trying to protect the belief of your worthiness and when that sacred right is challenged and when your firmly held and comfortable beliefs are assaulted, then EGO is the automatic human defense system that is triggered.  Being in your DNA, it is challenging to say the least to first of all NOT be triggered and then challenging when it is triggered to interrupt the path of its choosing whether that be a sense of superiority, control, or revenge and hatred.

It is good rather to build up the ego in the presence of complete and unconditional love and safety.  Build it up within the wings of certainty about who you truly are—a Spirit Being blessed to be part of the Kingdom of God.

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