Reiki Share Group Q & A for Spirit: Where is my Dad now?

Our friend asks, “Where is my father now that he died and am I still able to communicate with him?”

Image result for man and dogsBeloved, we are happy to say that yes, your father is in a familiar place of his own creation.  It’s a happy place with lots of dogs.  He is quite fond of them and loves having many, many, many without shame or guilt or consequences for the having of them.  He is pleased with that and his choice to be like an adoptive father to many animals.  

He is as content as a buy in a rug.  But he always has plenty of time to check in with the family he left behind.  He merely thinks a thought of you and boom, there he is right with you. 

His message to you:  “Yes, continue on with your wishes to be who you are and who you want to be.  On earth my perspective was that you were a little different and I didn’t always understand what you seemed to understand.  Where I am now, my spirit perspective is that you are a princess with a gold crown filled with jewels and crystals like prizes for your gifts of love and patience and understanding.”

Yes, communicate as always.  Your prayers are your vibrational thoughts and are received without fail. 

“Watch for my signs.  There may be more when Spring comes.  You will know it when it happens by the accompanying words, “It’s me!”

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