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Collective, is Reiki compatible with the Christian religion?  Some people voice conflict suggesting reiki is not from you and that it’s something to be rejected.

Is Reiki compatible with the Christian religion is a good question and one that could be asked about any religion.  The simple answer is that the work of Reiki is about healing and compassion which cannot be confined by or identified with any particular religion because it reigns above religion, is essentially part of all religions, and is available to all of humanity.Related image

Humanity has created religion for the purposes of giving strength to groups of people who can be unified by common beliefs.  Those beliefs are often taught to individuals of all ages before that individual can really test them out themselves so may at times be accepted at base value without true understanding.  Eventually many people grow up and through their life experience either continue to agree with a group’s beliefs or may change groups or may even become the leader of a new group with a new set of beliefs.  The bottom line is that religion is about organization around doctrine with the common goal of unifying groups for the purpose of strength and support for not only that highlighted set of beliefs but also for the people who are in the group.  It is a wonderful cause really.  And a wonderful, helpful resource for humanity—when it is fluid and accepting of others.  Never is religion at its best service when it decides that its rules and beliefs must be adhered to by all of humanity.  That is unless of course those rules are the simple Universal Laws of the Universe which come from the Source of All That Is.

Religion’s cause otherwise becomes problematic when a group’s doctrine becomes more driven by human thinking rather than Divine wisdom.  Although not a religion, Reiki and various lineages of Reiki have a similar association to religion in that there are common beliefs about healing and energy along with the valid purpose of offering unity and strength for those beliefs AND for the people in the Reiki group.  However, there is a difference that is of great importance.  Healing and energy are topics of universal importance with universal and international application based on universal scientific principles that are indeed significantly based on the Universal Law of Oneness.Image result for religion

Topics in religion similarly may be universal IF their conversations are about God and Love, Wisdom and Divinity, or about the spiritual nature of humans and the natural phenomena of Eternity.  Those universal issues have no conflict with major religions, no conflict with Reiki, and no conflict with major energy healing techniques.  How wonderful it is to connect humanity from all walks of life with what it is that we have in common:   a Source, a Spirit, a Biology, and a Set of Universal Laws that unite us.  Those laws for all of humanity are of Free Will, Love, Oneness, and Manifestation.

When it appears that a religion has a conflict with Reiki, look at what the conflict is.  The conflict will arise from NOT a Universal place, but from what you may call the Tower of Babel effect.  In that parable, a carnal side of being human took over and the lower densities of energy co-created a situation that allowed competition, envy, greed, misplaced worship, and unbalanced priorities to take over.  That resulted in a unity of cause at first, but then it all crumbled and fell apart because the foundation was not in unity with a Universal Source.  The result was a separation of humanity with each having their own language which caused a babble that isolated groups from each other and prevented communication.  Without communication there was then misunderstanding, then fear, then the need for isolated groups to create rules and laws to protect and ultimately control the masses.  Groups became attached to their doctrine resulting in differences and division that led to fear and wars.

Our advice is to rise above doctrines that create separation and rather be open hearted to beliefs that unify and co-create common identities with solutions and applications for the good of all and the highest well-being of all.  Reiki is in that category and has in fact for many years ALREADY done that.  It has crossed many Tower of Babel barriers including language, culture, religion and species to give to the world healing and love, acceptance and understanding, compassion and support all for one another and all for the unifying effect of Oneness.Image result for religion

What could be of conflict there?  Only if there is a fear about something.  To analyze the real conflict, what is the basis of the fear?  We recommend you recognize fear for what it is.  If someone challenges you or Reiki, identify the fear and perhaps have a discussion about that.  You will not, however, want to judge or punish a person for where they are in their experience, but you can offer another perspective.  Then let it be for them to decide.

And of course allow yourself the same compassionate freedom to grow and learn, to believe and perhaps even change your beliefs as you evolve to a higher vibration.  At all times, stand tall and strong in who you are at any moment in your journey in the earth school.  Stand tall in perspective from a higher place, and strong in love as you know it, love which is in fact the energy of the Source of All That Is.

Humanity is One in many things including the purpose for existing.  Take a moment to take that in.  Although our individual purpose is customized by us and for us, we are still all here for a journey to experience emotions, to experience the perceived limitations as humans and to experience opportunities for soul growth.  When focused on that, there is no conflict with religion and Reiki in its purest form which is the healing energy of vibrating love and light available for every living thing.

And So It Is.Image result for religion

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