Reiki Share Group Q & A for Spirit: My Father and Anxiety

Dear Spirit Collective, my friend asks, “What would help my father with his anxiety?”Image result for father

Anxiety is a common issue for humans first of all because you live in a society that is task oriented and driven by the mind rather than the heart.  Secondly, there has been a cultural pressure on men of your father’s generation to care for, protect, and provide for his wife and family as well as his country through military service.  Not every man participated in the same way but every man had these mantels put on his shoulders.

This background is helpful in understanding the depth and complexity of your Dad’s anxiety.  We appreciate that you want to be of service to him.  With that intention you are already of service.  Here are our thoughts.

  • With your presence and your own peacefulness you are again being of service. When in the presence of peacefulness, anxiety is given permission to relax.  It is the strength of calm that settles a storm.
  • Continue in your genuine way to appreciate who your father is. In those subtle and even humorous ways of giving him complements, he is indeed relieved from the fear of not being good enough or not mastering his responsibilities.
  • Most people in the stage of life called the sunset years find that the last quarter of life is not particularly serene. Humans grow up depending on their body and mind.  Through aging when the body slows down and the mind gets forgetful, that lifelong resource is no longer dependable.  That produces a great deal of anxiety.  Development of the soul could fill in the gaps making it an important calling; yet for many, that is unfamiliar which then produces more anxiety.  What can help?  The gentle discussions of soul-spirit-eternity-love-gratitude-acceptance of what is could help.  That will flow naturally because it is of interest to you, and those truths or actually more of your essence than you realize.  You don’t need to necessarily set in motion or control a conversation to address these important issues as you may simply bring your intention to fearlessly be who you are. Your beliefs will be noticed and may bring into focus attention to these topics.
  • In the space of unconditional love, anxiety melts and fades. All fear based emotions are dispelled and minimized in the presence of love.  It is a gift that you give.  Just like the angels watching over him and watching over you. They too offer the gift of unconditional love.

And so it is.

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