Reiki Share Group Q & A for Spirit: Ego vs Celestial Self

Dear Spirit, is it necessary to release one’s EGO in order to embrace our Celestial Self?

Image result for egoYou present an interesting case for duality—the EGO and the Celestial Self.  Are they two opposite things?

Your word “release” is an interesting word.  Would that be as in releasing a balloon, releasing a brake, or releasing the fingers that can no long hang on?  Does releasing imply to you that there is a necessary and deliberate intention required or is there a manipulation of the mind to either say “yes” or “no”, to hold  on or let go?  It would be interesting to consider the implications of “releasing” based on whether the releasing is because you want to or because you have to or because you are told to.

While pondering that, you may be interested in reading other discussions we have had with Sharyn about EGO. 

We enjoy discussing EGO.  We enjoy it because it is an examination of what may appear to be a duality and appear to be something a human can control with enough determination, displace with enough enlightenment, or release with enough intention.  This is not unlike other topics that humanity wrestles with such as sexual preferences.  Humanity asks, “Am I born this way?  Can I change my sexuality with demanding that it not be so?  With control that will cage it into submission?   With enough determination to say let it go and it will disappear? Or by accumulating a perfect degree of intention?”

Or how about the topic of addiction?  Is alcohol abuse something I am born with?  Can it be managed with determination, intention, or enlightenment?  Can it be released?  Can I pray long enough, think hard enough, or distract it away?  How about fear?  Or the insatiable need for revenge?  Where does it come from?  Why does it stay?  How can I make it go away?  Or beat it into submission?

What if, just what if none of these topics were dualities?  What if they could become One?  Could EGO in any scenario ever be One with your Celestial Self? Could EGO ever be an acceptable part of your Celestial Self?

There may not be satisfaction in answering a question with more questions, but it is interesting to consider some broad implications for your very good question.

 Your question:  is it necessary to release one’s ego in order to embrace our Celestial Self? 

If you mean to push it out of your life, to put a brake on what it does, to have it float away and never return, then the answer is NO, it is not necessary to release EGO.  Rather…embrace it.  As you embrace all of who you are, you more fully experience the strength of wholeness.  As you may say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  If you were to release EGO, you would have a missing piece from the whole, a piece that is part of your human self as you live in the human plane.

If you are comfortable with “release” as in giving EGO your permission to step aside as master and work with you as co-creator, then then answer is YES.  You could release EGO’s mastery in your life and relegate it from master to partner.  As a partner, EGO could help you co-create what it is you want to see manifested.

EGO was co-created by humanity many lifetimes ago as a means to overcome fear which is of the human dimension; to foster and strengthen courage and confidence.  It is a source for the “will” to blossom, for determination and power to engage, for conviction to empower humanity to face challenges and move mountains.

Should EGO create conflict or dissatisfaction particularly when you wish to access your celestial self, then EGO is merely out of balance.  That can occur when the mind is more engaged then the heart.  What are your options then? 

  • Release the stories. EGO is enmeshed in stories. 
  • Find balance
  • Engage the heart
  • Continue your process of enlightenment—knowing who you are.


In those moments when you wish to re-balance and re-align remember that the many moving parts of YOU can return to balance by applying the principles of meditation.  Help EGO feel comfortable in the Present by practicing meditation which yields peace of mind.  That gives permission for EGO to rest from its wish to stimulate the activity of the mind.  Help EGO let go of the need to be in control out of the fear of LOSS of control, be in competition with or protect you from anything by remembering the Law of Oneness where EGO may be delighted to be a part of All That Is; to be a part of Unity rather than Separation.


EGO could be most valuable as a tool and not as a master.  Then who would be the master?  Your heart.  Even a hurting heart, broken heart, or closed heart can be healed and enabled to become a loving master of your life.  That creates more strength than EGO’s fear based mastering and competition to be better than, have more than, and be smarter than.

Strength can come from heart based faith, trust, and love.


Breathe.  Slow down.  Be still.  Notice the present.  Be in the Now.  Mirror the flower, the tree, and the clouds in their stillness.  Breathe through your heart, settle there.  Move into a state of gratitude.  Appreciate.  Remember the Spirit of you, the Source of you, the purpose of you, the simplicity of you.  Be grateful for the EGO of you that co-creates with the celestial of you to become the best of you.  Ask to be saturated with the Divine energy of Light and Love which elevates and enlivens all of your DNA which is all of your EGO, your memories, your karma, your skills, you choices, your wishes, and your evolved self.   As enlightenment strengthens your celestial self, there will be more balance with your EGO self.  EGO is then available when you need it without mastering over you.

You have a masterful goal to manage your EGO self and embrace your Celestial Self.  Start by embracing your Celestial Self and your ego will follow suit to be a partner with you to become all that you want to be.

And so it is.Image result for celestial self



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