Reiki Share Group Q & A for Spirit: Doubtful of Making a Difference

What do we do when we feel doubtful of making a true difference in our practice?Image result for doubt

What do you “DO” when feeling doubtful?  Simply stated, just be who you ARE.  It is about being more than doing.  Did you know that being who you are gives your clients the benefit of being in a space of unconditional love?  And what a blessing that is.  If nothing else, THAT alone makes a difference in their life in ways you may not be able to imagine.

Since we mention it, why not begin to imagine what that could mean?  Well, in the space of unconditional love, a person can finally feel safe.  Oh my, how amazing is that–place where fear subsides.  What a relief from anxiety, blockages, stress.  It may seem like an upside down principle, but in that space of unconditional love and safety, emotions have permission to emerge.  So you may see anger or resentment, bitterness or judgment bubble up.  They may seem like negative emotions but what a relief to feel safe enough to permit human emotion to be what it is—simply energy in motion.

Then there is this:  being in a space of unconditional  love inspires people to have more of that, create more of that, and explore more of that.  That alone creates a difference in a life, an inspiration that could go on for eternity. Do you see how THAT creates a difference in the consciousness of the entire planet?  Unconditional love is contagious.

Begin of practical mind like you are, you will quickly feel responsible then to create a space of unconditional love and will ask, “How do I do that?”  Again we say, just be who you are.  Of course rarely is there a human being who can be in a place of giving unconditional love 100% of the time, but you can count on this:  The SPIRIT of you, the Higher Self of you can absolutely love unconditionally and can hold a space of unconditional love.  Hold the intention, or be in a space of neutral, or settle into your heart, or simple say to Spirit, “ It’s all up to you.  Help!”

For moments when you most want to be in that place and create that space, allow a pause as you notice the present moment.  Notice you can breathe through your heart, and lift your attention to white light so that all gaps are filled with majesty.  Hold that space while letting that energy expand and fill the room.  Anyone within reach of it can bathe in it.

This is the gift that makes a true difference.  What that outcomes LOOKS like is best left unjudged because outcomes cannot always be seen or felt or understood at the moment or even for days to come.  And that is not your responsibility anyway.Image result for heart love

Power for “making a difference” comes from being in the presence of the Spirit of Love which promotes and facilitates the all-knowing omnipotent healing of the Source of All That Is to love and as you wish—make a difference.

Remember this too:  it is always appropriate to rest from your work.  Sometimes the best of who we are emerges from a place of rest and quiet and appears when we take time to fill ourselves up with—with what fills us up!

What do you “DO”?  Rest.  Enjoy what gives you joy.  Receive.  Take time to seek and find, wonder and be impressed.  Without guilt by the way.  Allow.  And of course let go of outcomes.  Then just be who you are—a lovely spirit having the time of your life being a human on planet Earth.

And so it is.

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