Reiki Share Group Q & A for Spirit: Allopathic Medicine

Question:  When will allopathic medicine finally accept Coherent Energy as being critical to our health?

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That is a question that you have been pondering.  In your pondering and meditating, you are with those actions helping to bring about what you wish to see happen.  Beloved, it is indeed already happening.  On some levels it has been happening for several years.  Time is not of essence to multiple dimensional planes so from our perspective we see simply a beautiful progression in humanity’s thinking, observations, and beliefs.  These all build upon each other so an evolution of thought leads to another level of observation which yields a change in beliefs which opens the next door in the thinking which allows a fog to lift for yet a clearer observation that humanity does in fact have a physical body that is complete in its service to each one of you.

When it appears that the body is NOT complete such as what you would label as a birth defect, or when a body is injured or when it appears to shut down with old age, there is a means inherent within the body to adopt, to assist, or as you might say, “parts cover for each other” meaning that some body parts help out other body parts by taking on their job for them. Yes, the body is able to heal itself and keep itself complete.  More importantly, the source of that completeness is energy.  Not the simple energy that pops you up with wide eyes in the morning but the quantum physics energy which you call coherent.  It is indeed coherent and co-creative and co-existent with a universal cohesion that when multiplied is the energy of – yes, the energy of the entire Universe which is in most cases still incomprehensible in its vastness.  How marvelous that humanity will in steps of realization learn and allow the tapping into this source that will provide all that is needed for the physical body to accomplish the tasks that it wishes to accomplish.  In time to come, allopathic medicine will fade into your history books as have steam engines and Ferris wheels.  You may choose to be in physical form during any of these moments of evolution and may in fact hustle along this outcome that you wish to see.

As we observe humanity’s struggle with the challenges of the physical body, we are pleased with the progress that is made with each generation.  It is a pleasure to have a part in the inspirations and breakthroughs that keep allopathic medicine marching forward.

Broadly speaking, the science that keeps allopathic medicine alive and working will also be the science that leads humanity to an even greater understanding of ESSENCE.  It is a beautiful story line to observe with its spirals and leaps co-created by courageous humans in physical bodies that at times defy the very understandings that appear to be accomplishing the next leaping step.  Ah, what a wonder to unravel the mysteries, solve the puzzles, observe the miracles of faith.  Always honoring that courage and that determination to solve mysteries, we are pleased to co-create with you one blessed step at a time.

And so it is.

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