Is Self-Worth the same as Ego?

Dear Spirit, perhaps you understand the concepts behind human vocabulary better than I do.  Kryon says self-worth is a program.  It’s programmed into us.   I can follow that line of thinking.  So then is ego a program also?

Image result for self worthEGO is in your DNA.  It is there and equally as powerful as the genetics of hair color hair or personality traits.  It is expanded or diminished depending on environmental effects like parental or other family or cultural influences.  The taming of the EGO is dependent upon the Will of each individual.  We would say it this way:  Self-worth is influenced by EGO and EGO is influenced by self-worth.  They are not the same exactly but certainly dependent on each other. 

Here is a difference to note:  Self-worth does not originate in DNA.  It is totally dependent on each individual for its status and how that individual chooses to perceive and prioritize data that is inputImage result for self worth from outside persuasions.  The perception of what is true and what is false about an individual for example, about a family, about the status of living in a large house or being a member of the Country Club lies at the basis of self-worth.  Self-worth is programed by those perceptions.

On the other hand, EGO is part of everyone’s DNA and originates there.  Figuratively, every human has a DNA child to nurture and manage the development of.  And like a child, sometimes EGO seems unmanageable even out of control.  In spite of the power of those previously mentioned influences on the development of EGO, it is regardless up to each individual to oversee their own EGO.

So how are we to manage EGO?  It is always a simpler job when the outside influences work for the benefit of raising a healthy and balanced EGO, one that has no need for competition and has no deeply hidden fears to compensate for. When raised in the arena of unconditional love and filled with plenty of respect and appreciation, that EGO in turn becomes a positive force for healthy self-worth, confidence, and pride that invigorates a life force vitality that too loves itself and others unconditionally, works hard, and values every living thing.

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