Reiki Share November 20, 2016

REIKI SHARE  November 20, 2016

A lovely group of 16 braved the winter snow to come to Reiki Share.  Ruth brought a beautiful gift of a material version of the United States which she laid on the floor as a reminder to send our country Reiki.  It was fun to add our crystals to places on the map.  We alsreiki-share-usa-map-11-16o had Ruth’s globe to remind us to send Reiki to the entire planet.

Sara shared about her trip to the Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference.  Cool!  Keep an eye on the Cortland Reiki Facebook page as Annette had also listed there information about a Toronto Reiki Conference.

We are still pondering the question that Elise brought up.  Send her an email if something else comes to you about her question:  how do we help a student in her Reiki class whose energy seems to be way out there… as in extending really far out from his body.  “It’s like too far out.”  Any other thoughts?  I had an interesting image come up—I could picture him having on a white glove.  I mean wearing a white glove over his entire body.  In a beautiful way.  It was a sacred glove — like a person might use when serving with silver or touching something very valuable.  It was like he and his body are to be used for a valuable service thus the white glove.  But the white glove also helped to hold in the energy giving it shape and containing it in a valuable, useful way.  Not that we want to “contain” the light or the energy as in not sharing it, but rather as in this case containing it to make it even more useful because it’s not just way out there dispersed and problematic.  How beautiful when our personal energy and the amazing Reiki energy is integrated into our being, activated in our DNA and sacredly expressed as it is channeled by means of the vision of the Divine. It was a cool image.  Just imagine us walking around like stately, starched, and impressive white gloves!

We discussed whether to have a Reiki Share in December and several people signed up “YES” so it’s a go.  More people signed up for Dec 11 so we’ll start with that date.  If there is another snowstorm like today, we can reschedule to Dec 18.

A wonderful mix of people signed up to bring a meditation to Reiki Share for meetings in 2017, and others signed up for topics to present.  These look great:  Chakra Balancing, Young Living Essential Oils, Reiki at the Time of Death, Creating a Meditation Garden, and the Findhorn Foundation.  Aaron also wants to share about his unique long distance Reiki technique.  We have lots to look forward to.

Sharyn presented a review and quotes from William Rand’s letter about Reiki and the Presidential Election.  “…as Reiki practitioners, we have a healing solution to use in addressing our own personal feelings as well as for addressing the unfolding political situation in America.”  Sharyn shared his ideas to use the situation to heal ourselves more deeply, to send Reiki to the situation including the president and all working with him allowing the greatest wisdom in the Universe to guide and empower, and lastly to allow yourself to forgive, meaning that we let go of anger or negative thoughts toward others.  “We literally have within our hands the ability to heal this situation in a way that creates a positive outcome that will touch the lives of billions of people.”

Sharyn also presented her download from the Collective for all dearest saints of Light.  The Collective spoke about truth and how fluid it can be except for the Universal Laws which are sacred Truths.  In summary, “Humans may not be able to gather up a truth they agree on.  After all, truth means something different to everyone. But consider this: we all can see Light. Especially in the dark, the smallest speck of Light can be seen. So rather than spend effort trying to deliver some sort of truth, work on being a Light and expressing the sacred Holy Love that will reveal itself to be sufficient. Then we can feel content to be first of all in alignment with the Source of All That Is and then to be a citizen of the planet living from a place of cooperation and co-creation.” Love from the Collective Congregation.

We missed Eileen!  We wish her well in her “retirement” from this group and know she will be blessed while being a blessing to all the people and places that she focuses her energy on.

Sylvia presented a powerful and touching meditation about walking in the snow to a crystal palace where we spent time with our Guides.  We shared what gifts our Guides gave to each of us.  So inspiring.

The “share” part of our time together was powerful as well.  Thanks for coming, everyone!  And thank you Elise for the great snack!!!!!  See you next month.


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