Spirit Speaks About ISIS

Spirit, how do you explain the behavior of ISIS?  And can anything be done to promote world peace?  I am thinking of the world peace project of Wm Rand –the burying of medallions and the worldwide peace meditations.  Are we to believe that such projects truly benefit?  What are we to do for managing such awful things happening at the hands of ISIS or by ISIS supporters?  Is the protection of innocents possible?  I ask for a message to help with understanding atrocity.  I get it that we all have free will and some choose to join the likes of this group and others, but I wonder—do you grieve about this?

Atrocity is a human word to soften evil.  It is appropriate to discuss “evil” because it does exist in contrast to Love.  We have spoken through others and discussed this duality because it is of great interest and concern to you all.  Yes, we grieve in the 5th dimension about evil and atrocity and murderous loss that hinders the flow of love, about fear when it disrupts the peace we wish for all, and about pain and sorrow associated with the absence of understanding.

Consider this:  atrocity can in its own way bring about, once again, the showing—the revealing—the seeing that we are all One, that human beings across the planet have much in common.  Whether of the ISIS state of mind or not, clearly there is Oneness in the existence of emotions.  No matter the culture, language or geography, humanity FEELS; emotions are a commonality.  Fear, anger, resentment, loss, grief, comfort, support, uplift, let down, lonliness, togetherness, being helped, not being helped, feeling rich, feeling poor, murderous or compassionate, feeling safe or feeling unsafe.

While there can be found something common in humanity, ISIS represents the worst in humanity.  ISIS shows commitment to a cause, what can be done when people work together, have a want, and find a way yet shows no regard for life other than its own.  ISIS shows no compassion or love other than for the cause.  This is extreme Separation in contrast to Oneness.  Consider the acronym ISIS: the I = Illustrates the S=Strong I=Illusion of S=Separateness.   ISIS illustrates the strong illusion of separateness.  Separateness is what causes the fear which is the underlying emotion driving the atrocity.

You ask what can be done about it; how are we as Light Workers to react?  What will become of the world with this huge presence of atrocity?  We say that the contrast of separation vs Oneness must be played out.  Wars will be waged and no victories will be won.  The elements of fear which evolve into atrocity will unfortunately continue to be with humanity for years to come.  Remember this however:  All who are innocent and lose their life are now safe in the comfort of the Light; all who are still in their physical shoes mourning and grieving are equally safe in the comfort of the Love.  Although there are victims and horrible outcomes, the finality is not always what humanity experiences but what the Soul experiences.   Feeling “safe” has been assaulted and that violation can most assuredly be overcome by the allowing of Love and Light through people of Light and the Divinity of Love.

The only true answer is in the raising of consciousness which is indeed happening in this phase of humanity’s expansion; a consciousness that realizes we are all One and there is no separation.   The consciousness of this understanding, when applied and when the frequency of love rather than fear is foremost, there will then be no atrocities because fear will become a distant memory.  There will be no room for atrocities because humanity will not want it, allow it, nor think it into existence.

How are you to react in the midst of this contrast?  Be human.  Honor your feelings of shock, grief, disbelief, anger, and the wish for retaliation.  Notice how these feelings can inspire and drive one to exist safely in the duality and to be the positive contrast in the bounds of fear or Love, anger or compassion.  The energy of the resulting heightened feelings may give strength or fuel to the fire as it were to another positive cause or another or another.

Choose your cause.  Let the energy of heightened feelings lead you to greater love, expanded compassion.  Let the anger and outrage fuel your need and desire and wish for a world that is safe, a world that honors humanity, a world that respects differences, and a world that finds strength in working together.  May this ISIS inspire an energy that shows us the commonalities that ultimately strengthen humanity as it is driven towards the TRUTH that we are indeed all One.  THIS belief and understanding becomes the reference point for who you are, the natural state from which you strive to see yourself, to see others, to see all living things, and to then live peacefully on this planet.

“Something very beautiful happens to the people when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor.”  Marianne Williamson

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