Archangel Raphael, Healer

We are the Archangels who work together to help you who call on us. 

Michael is a Warrior, Gabriel a Messenger, and I am a Healer. 

We are tireless workers on your behalf.  

Please call on us so we can help you.

 I am Raphael.  I would like to help you with healing.  You came as souls to the earth plane for experiences and lessons.  Sometimes those lessons leave scars and wounds.  I would like to use my vibrational energy to point directly where healing could help you.   Imagine a green salve being lovingly placed anywhere that it is needed.

Yes, I do other things too.  I give insights and direction.  I give comfort.  And I seal in your commitments.  I help you stay on track once you discover an intention you would like to remember and stay close to.

Yes, there are many angels.  We are a vision of beauty especially when we are working on your behalf.  It is so much fun to see your delight when you recognize that we appear just for you.  When your heart is warmed, when your knowing is alert, and when you light up with recognition and appreciation, we in turn are satisfied.  And when you ask us for help, we respond with strength and love.  Our Call of Duty is why we are here.

We know you like to do things on your own which is as it should be.  Just remember that we delight in helping.  Make our day!  Or in spiritual terms, let our spirit and energy touch yours.  As One, we fulfill our Calling.

I am Archangel Raphael.  So it is.



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