Archangel Michael Is With Us

Archangel Michael is with us.  Connect with who he is.

See who I am.  See in my face that I am strong and gentle, aware and present at all times.  See my balance of heart and sword.  See the radiance of light that comes from who I am.  My state of being is different than what you are used to seeing.  I am nevertheless as totally present as you presume all the things around you to be present.

I am with you in both the states of spirit and soul.  My wings of protection and strength seamlessly exist in all realms.

Why do we archangels have wings?  Hasn’t humanity been so fascinated by the freedom of feathered friends, the magnificence of flight, the spirit of soaring.  The perspective of being above it all, the power of zipping and diving with quickness that nearly enables omnipresence.  Wings deliver flight, wings allow presence, and yet wings establish space for wrapping, cradling, protecting.  Wings hold the space for the heart and the sword, holding the Magnificent Love and Power within the presence of Protection and Strength.

Humanity is most balanced by connecting to solid, stable, life-giving Earth (earth chi) and by connecting to the Source of All that is (Heaven chi).  Energy flows as One — from Source to Humanity to Universe to Source.

Why did I choose the colors most associated with me–the blues?  “Shades of Gray” has been popular with humanity.  “Shades of Blue” is popular with Truth.  Blue and violets are to symbolize truth about Who I am, Who We are as One.  Pink is Love, Yellow is Light, Blue is Truth.  Love, Light, Truth.

I am Archangel Michael, Powerful and Present.  So It Is.





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