Archangel Gabriel Is With Us

Archangel Gabriel is with us.  As with all the Spirit Beings, you would do well to connect with who we are.

I come as a Messenger.  Why a messenger?  The realm of Archangels is for the purpose of serving humanity—serving souls while they are in human form.  The Earth Visit is no easy task, we know that.  It is our wish to give souls of the earth dimension Spirit Messages to adds layers of intrigue to the Earth Visit that will remind souls of their connection to Spirit.  And  messages that will urge souls to seek and evolve.  Isn’t it a wonderful and amazing experience to be a part of both dimensions—Earth and Spirit?  Or Earth and Heaven as some would call it.

Where did the term “heaven” come from?  In human form, souls are contained in mostly three dimensions although there is an awareness of more.  While in the 3D, the ever present duality seems the easiest way to cast the soul’s experience.  There is the earthly realm and there is the heavenly realm as a means to express the human experience of touchability and soulability.  These are two new words to describe the duality:  Solid touchable forms as on the earth and Spiritual soul-able forms as in the heaven.  Not all souls can understand Spirit in any other way than to state a place, give it a name, and let soul and spirit issues reside there.  Thus the word Heaven.  That gives Spirit a place to reside, a name to call home, and a word for humans to use when speaking of spiritual things.

However, as the soul evolves, it allows the fading away of that duality into the emergence of Oneness where there is no need to delineate an Earth and a Heaven because everything is One and created by All That Is.  In the meantime you may call our home Heaven.

I like pictures of me to have my favorite colors which at the moment are oranges, yellows, and whites.   Yes, they reflect the colors of the sacral and solar plexus chakras.  Using these colors is one way for me to help you understand my message which at this moment is about joy and confidence.

Details of the picture of me would show how my gaze is upon you.  My eyes are focused on you.  Direct and personal.  That’s how we are.  The intensity of my gaze emerges from three focal points— my two eyes, my third eye, and my heart.  They reflect intense focus, love, and radiance.

We chuckle about your use of the terminology the Third Eye.  May I call it your Soul Eye?  Does one need a physical eye to see the soul?  No.  One sees it in the mind’s eye.  The human portal for that is the forehead known as the third eye chakra and now also called the Soul Eye.

I am the Messenger.  My messages will come to you through the Soul Eye.  I am popular to Earth Beings as the Archangel announcing the Birth of Christ.  People heard that proclamation through their Soul Eye just as you hear my messages through your Soul eye.  It is a portal for receiving.  You will KNOW my message when it comes.

A picture of me would show beams radiating from my heart.  You will know my Message because it will resonate with your heart which is a portal of Understanding.  You will FEEL the message when it comes.

My aura or halo represents Spirit Truth.  There is radiance from the crown chakra.  Your Crown area is the portal of Spirit.  You will RADIATE the message when it comes. 

Many people fear listening to their soul because they wonder if they are making up answers with their own mind.  Maybe it is so that the answer is indeed within them and coming from their own mind.  As you evolve, you will know that it is the same—your mind and Ours.   However, until then, when at any point you desire confidence in the validity of the Message, here is your testing ground:  You will know the message is from Me when it comes through the Soul Eye with a knowing, when it resonates in your heart with a feeling, and when it radiates as Light from your soul star aura.

Call on me when you need and want reminders about Truth and Wisdom.   We know how much you want direction, answers, and guidance.  While in the Earth realm having your Earth Visit, Truth may seem allusive.  Truth is as individualized as there are people.  Truth is age related.  Truth for a six year old is different than for a sixty year old but is Truth none the less.  Truth is culture related.  Truth is species related.  Innate consciousness will let you know Your Truth and that Truth will evolve as your soul life on earth expands.  Let me validate Your Truth at any moment you seek it.  When Your Truth resonates with the Almighty, you will know that it must be so.

No need to bottle up truth and claim it as “this is it; the one and only truth” because often our truth evolves and changes.  There is of course Divine Truth as in the Laws of the Universe.  That will always be “So It Is.”  Yes indeed, that Truth will set you Free.  Soul Eye, Heart, and Aura when resonating will set you Free as you will know it to be Truth.  This is the source of joy and confidence, my message for today.  Yes, Abraham calls it your “high flying disk.” Live life from your high flying disk!

I am Archangel Gabriel, Messenger of All That Is.  So It Is.

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