The Mission Statement According to Spirit

ButtercupI wonder why Spirit takes the time to give us channeled information?  If Spirit wrote a “Mission Statement” for channeling, what would they say?  By the way, I don’t want to jump into the Mission Statement without first taking a minute to define “WHO” Spirit is.

“Spirit” has been discovered by many to mean several things.  Spirit is a being, soul, or energy that operates from a different dimension than the earth plane.  Spirit be our Higher Self, deceased souls, angels, guardians, ascended masters, the Holy Spirit, God.  I think you know what I mean.  Spirit can also be an embodiment of the ONENESS we so often speak of.  If we are all One, is Spirit all One as well?  Similar to the Trinity Three in One?

I believe so.  Separate in a unique way, yet One.  For me, there are times when Spirit speaks as One.  Particularly when I do Spirit Journaling, it feels like a collective force is listening and answering as One and often using the plural such as “we” or “us”.   Have you had that experience of plurality in the Oneness?

When I ask who I am communicating with, it is sometimes a specific entity such as Archangel Michael.  Other times it is a group and I hear the word “collective” as their description of who they are.  So this time I asked them, “Who are You?”  And I asked, “What name shall I use to refer to you?”

Call us the Collective Congregation.

OK, I like that.  But why “congregation?”

A congregation is a collective of a specific sort.  We like it because a congregation gathers or congregates for the purpose of Oneness or for the meeting of the minds as it were.  That’s what we are here for.  Even more than that, it is a meeting of spirit minds transmuting energy to a vibration that you, Reverend, can hear for the purpose of you speaking for us.

Did we say thank you, by the way, for speaking for Us?

You are a transporter, transporting people from and to different frequencies.  We can change energy frequencies to adapt to the earth plane so you can hear us.  Like a tuning fork, it takes just a simple nudge to vibrate at a designated frequency.  Similarly, we nudge back and forth at any frequency in order to communicate with humanity and particularly to those who are open to matching a frequency that enables the process.

Thank you for nudging your way to human frequency.  I am willing to speak for You.  This communication must be Spirit driven, spirit inspired, Spirit led.  Spirit, be the actionater, the magnet, the personalizing power behind the messages.  May we all be surprised, blessed, and bow to the Power and the clear evidence of Spirit intervention on behalf of humanity for the need of humanity to remember who we are—which is spirit having a human experience.  I like the idea of this quantum partnership.  So then…what might we be learning?

There will be a variety of teachings all appropriate for the current events and interests of humanity.  You can trust us on this.  Here are marketing words:  “Witness Lights along Humanity’s Highway that when switched on can lighten your load, life your spirit, and illuminate your journey.  In short, this is the Tour de Light.  We give words of wisdom that not only Light your Path but that also delight your soul.”

Our teachings are not new.  What we wish for humanity to hear is all that would calm them enough to remember the Universal Truths of Oneness, Love, and Light.  We will have more to say about each and how it is the Light that will bring meaning to the universal law of Free Will. 

As you speak for us, we would have you speak about WHO we are, OUR existence, our ACCESS and our wish to be of service to humanity.  That is our message.  We are desiring to be of benefit.  We are desiring that everyone remember WHO they are—Children of God.

We will all help you.  And you will speak for all of us.  Your mission is to help Spirit conversation be safe, accessible, and become a household phenomenon.  For so long we have been pushed to the woo woo zone.  We would like to be in the judgment free zone.  We are reachable, here with unconditional love, and wanting to be of service.  We would like to take the mystery out of spirit conversation.  Our goal is to be of service and raise the consciousness of the planet for the benefit of all; for the benefit of the Kingdoms of Human, Beast, and Spirit.  The more we all know and experience, the more the consciousness can rise up.

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