What is Heaven Saying to You?

MeditationSome would say that we already know everything about heaven but have forgotten it.  What has heaven been saying to you this week?  Heaven used a book to talk to me this week.  The book is Kryon, Book Twelve.  Have you heard of Kryon?  I am fascinated by this series of books and this service that Lee Carroll writes for us.

So what signs has heaven given to you this week that there is another side?  What do they know there?  What does heaven want us to know?

I just read Wayne Dyer’s Book:  Memories of Heaven.  It’s very interesting.  He has published letters from people all over the world who shared their stories with him about things their very young children said.  Things that could stop you in your tracks because how did they know about Aunt Sally who died before they were born?  How do they know why those birds are circling overhead? They know these things because they had not forgotten yet where they came from and simply blurted out their story about who they knew there in heaven or what they were doing there or what it’s like there or how they see those angels sitting on your shoulder.

I am really fascinated by what we can learn from children, from books, from heaven.  An open mind to it opens the door for more than just cute short stories.  This is information from Children of God for the rest of us who are also by the way Children of God!  This is information direct from heaven.  This is information that when it’s all put together can become some pretty fascinating stuff about other dimensions which are…hmmm, behind the veil?  Does that mean they are hidden from us?

Nah, not hidden.  Just on the Other Side, that’s all.  We’re on the 3D side for now.  With a little effort though, we can know more.  I started writing down things I’ve learned from our Guides that show up during Reiki Treatments because their thoughts are so awesome.  What they tell us about Heaven and the Other Side is enough to make me think twice about what I’m doing and who I am.

For example,…oh, there are so many.  I just looked briefly at my session notes, and then I looked at my writing about the Other Side and I don’t know where to start to bring this all together.  I have so many journalings about this topic! Besides many, many session notes…well, just look at this list:

“Ten Things You Never Knew About Heaven:  Quotable Spirit Talk”

“What the Other Side Wants You to Know”

“Dead or not, Here I Come”

“What Do You Learn From Chatting With Spirit?”

“Why Life Sucks and What We Can Do About It”

“Downloads From Spirit”

“How to Connect to Source Energy”


“What I am Certain Of”

OK so let’s just start with a simple example.  Here’s one thing I know from heaven in just 4 words full of wisdom and glory:  We are all One.  What does that tell us about heaven? The Universal Law of Oneness.  It’s huge to believe in that because it can literally change your mindset and therefore your outlook and therefore your life as you now it.  That is if you truly apply this Law.

For the sake of discussion, let’s say for heaven’s sake that we can work on living as though we are One, but how about we also look at all the lovely pieces and parts of the whole.  That’s what we’re here for, to take that look.

All right, so this wasn’t a simple example.  Want to start with something simpler?  Next time.  In the meantime, I want to look at and hear from the entities of heaven because I want to hear what they are talking about.


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