Before You Say NO to Channeling

It’s not a takeover.  It’s not an occult experience.  It’s not ungodly.  Quite the contrary.  It feels like my closest encounter with God ever.

I want to write a bit about Channeling because it can be misunderstood, even mysterious or shadowy unless you have experienced it or know someone who channels.  It seemed bizarre to me until I had the chance to learn more about it and experience it myself.  It’s not mysterious now other then being right up there with the other incredible mysteries of God and the Universe–to think that Heaven makes the effort and uses our familiar 3D dimension in order to communicate with us.  How cool is that!

Literally, channeling is simply a method of transferring information.  When it happens for me, I get to convey thoughts and translate feelings that come from another dimension.  I get to bring messages in from the Other Side.  wow.  I hear words and thoughts, feel feelings and sensations, and I get to write it all down.  How does it happen?  Well, this is what it feels like:  There is Spirit around me that finds the words that I know to match the ideas Spirit wants to convey, and then Spirit leads me to put those words in sentences, then sentences into paragraphs.  At the time, I usually have no idea where the writing is going, but I just keep putting the words to paper.  And then when I write, “And so it is”, I know we’re done.  Then I get to go back and re-read what I’ve written.  That’s another whoop of amazingness when I get to re-read it all and realize the wisdom and insight that just came through the pen.  Holy moly.

That’s channeling.  When you think about it, Holy Books from any religion have been channeled.  The books contain information from God that was transferred through humans.  The writers were channeling.  They were receiving inspirations of Truth and expressions of Universal Laws which they put into words that humans would understand.  Written by humans for humans.

These sacred Holy Scriptures have measured up to the test of time which gives them a validity and standard, Amen.  So I’m not saying to compare the content of these Holy Books with the channelings of today; there is no need for testing one against the other.  It is all valid because the Source is…well, it’s the Source.  The point is to understand what channeling is and is not.  Channeling is spiritual and as sacred as any communication from God; not to be feared or abused, not to be excommunicated or put asunder.  It represents the gift of divinely inspired information for us.

God never stops talking to us about Holy sacred laws and truths.  Thank goodness!  The Divine Spirit and Beings from the Other Side are still communicating, still wanting us to hear and know inspirations, guidance, truths and the applications of those truths that we all benefit from knowing.  Holy Thank You that with today’s channelings we get a fresh version, an updated look, and another chance to hear the Truth through the humans that God chooses to use for the benefit of all humanity.  God is still in the business of helping us and loving us with constant gifts of communication between humanity and divinity.

It’s exciting to be a part of channeling because we get to be right there when the miracle happens; we are part of the moment when the light comes on, when the almighty answers are within reach.   We participate in the a-ha moments, we are hearing with our own ears and seeing with our mind’s eye the flashes of insight that are most certainly beyond the average human thinking.

When you create a work of art, when you deliver a brilliant sermon, and when you know it all came from somewhere else, you are channeling.  When you have a knowing that the synchronicity you just experienced was hand delivered by God, you are channeling.  And when out of nowhere a fully developed thesis on the work of Archangels practically writes itself, then you are channeling.

What makes it stunning and humbling at the same time? It’s the magical meld of me, my vocabulary, and my experiences mixing with the sacred allowing of the joining with a higher consciousness.  As the channeling unfolds, I write one word at a time.  One important word, carefully chosen by Spirit, then the next important word.  While it’s happening I can feel the effort on the part of Source as consideration is made of every word; each word must be the best word.  Even after it is written, it feels like each word has more depth than simply its literal meaning.  Each re-reading can evolve with another layer of meaning impressed on me.  It’s just so amazing.

And amazing to be under the influence of spiritual energy and higher consciousness.  It’s personally touching, delightfully individualized, active, helpful, and life changing.

I have more to say about channeling because there is a myth out there that channeling is not relevant.  More to come.


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