Reiki Share March 20, 2016

When you live in the moment, it’s not so hard.

When you live in the moment, it’s not so hard.

We had a great share today.  It’s so wonderful to see everyone and share questions and answers, energy and  reiki!  Thank you, Eileen, for the lovely “Waterfall” meditation.  So powerful.  Oh, and then today we shared a dance too.  We did the “River Crossing World Peace Dance.”  The intent was to honor our Oneness with humanity and with all of creation.  It was pretty good for our first tim

e!  As requested, I will figure out how to get the music/directions on our Facebook page.  Or maybe next Share we’ll do it again and maybe some folks will agree to be video taped for posting!  Am I hearing some groans about that? Or is that a volunteer I hear?  Oh good, I see a hand raised!

Andrea shared the flyer about an upcoming wellness event.  Her daughter Leanne is working very hard on her Wellness Fair for High School girls.  What a great project with such exciting plans.  It will be on April 9 in Dryden.   There will be a smoothie station, yoga, zumba, reiki, meditation, massage, and Free Stuff like a stress ball and water bottle!  Register at:

Back to the Reiki Share, we had a theme going, didn’t we.  I hope the guys enjoyed the trip to Two Hawks after the Share.  I loved our discussion about crystals and now I wish I had taken notes on all the great things people offered about their relationship and experiences with crystals.  Following is the downloaded information from Spirit that I shared about Crystals, Records in the Crystals, and the Cave of Creation.

Dear Spirit,

I have a question.  I have heard that crystals may hold records of the past.  At first I thought that was really far-fetched.  Then I decided to ask You.  Is it true?  And what about the so called “Cave of Creation” where there is one crystal for every soul?  Is it true?  And is it under the sea?

Dear Seeker,

Take my hand and we will journey through the ages.  The use of crystals is a wonderful creation for humanity.  The gift of hand held vibration is clever, don’t you think?  And so accessible for those who are captivated by them and attracted to them.  Haven’t you loved picking up rocks, touching and holding a piece of the earth, and putting them in your pocket?  Fascination with rocks is yet another one of those things that humans from all over the world have in common, a phenomenon that exists worldwide and throughout the ages of planetary time.

Isn’t Gaia, the earth, so creative in designing rocks and crystals with variety and color, sparkle and beauty, and spectacular formations that amaze us all?  Imagine the glory in the distribution of the variety all over the planet.  And Gaia, so giving to create and then freely share the healing power of the rocks and crystals with all of humanity; sharing the wealth of color–beauty–healing potential.  Sharing the power to resonate and transfer a vibration with varying degrees of frequency.  How sweet it is to be the receiver of such a gift.

Your question is about the “records.” The story that you hear of a record being held within the nodes of a quartz crystal is indeed true and makes sense when you consider that a certain frequency has its own piece of the record by means of the story it can tell.  The quartz crystal has the particular ability to hold within its structure the frequency representing the consciousness of humanity for all time that occurs from its birth and through its development as a crystal.  As Gaia responds to the consciousness of her inhabitants over time, so too has each crystal held the vibration of that consciousness within itself.

Do you understand that there is a resonance between earth and her people?  As the people evolve, so does Gaia.  Who do you suppose leads the way?  Gaia does–always a step ahead of humanity but never too far to be beyond reach.  Close enough to be tugging at the levels of human consciousness to be pulling it in favor of ascension.  That is no easy task because the 3D bias is inertia until the spirit of the beholders comes alive with beliefs and intentions.

Gaia wishes to nudge the inertia to keep humanity moving forward one step at a time.  Different generations have produced a consciousness of different frequencies.  Those differences are recorded, remembered and held within the nodes of a crystal.  A crystal holds the consciousness in its ROCK DNA; the freqP1000156uency of the generation of its birth reflecting the consciousness of that time.

Is there purpose in all of this?  Yes, all of creation has wonderful purpose.  The purpose of creating crystals is most obviously for pure joy.  And wonder.  And beauty.  Such artistry.  Crystals are astonishing to look at, fun to find, they create a stirring mission to collect them, and oh the learning.  Just think how much there is to learn from the study of rocks.  The science of geology is such a story of creation from the micro study of the tiniest of crystals to the macro study of rock formations as magnificent as the Grand Canyon where layers of lifetimes are exposed for observers to see naked history in layers of time, in layers of events, and in layers of consciousness.

Shall we then add to that the mystical features?  These are what we have just spoken of–the record of consciousness held within, the power of healing in that vibration, and the power of the story.  This is of great value which has been appreciated by millions over the centuries.

As you appreciate rocks and gems for their variety and beauty, be thankful for the joy that they bring.  As you notice their genealogy and the revelations of drama from years of formation and geologic changes, be thankful for the information they give about the history of the planet and its people.  As you hold them in your physical hands and feel them pulse with healing energy, be touched by the magnificence of all creation.

Finally, yes we will speak to the question of the Cave of Creation.  Since you inquire, yes, you may know from us that there is indeed a crystalline record of every soul.   The value of each and every soul is beyond words.  It is no surprise that it is with great effort that every soul is recognized for its 3D experience with a 3D market within the Cave of Creations  The Cave is extremely guarded and protected for its ongoing measure of importance and for the purposes of celebration and honor.

Therefore, humanity has not discovered it nor will it become available to 3D humanity at any time because its dimensions cannot be unlocked by perceptions that humanity has available to it.  If you wonder could it be within the depths of the deepest sea, or protected in the impossible journey to the center of the earth, or hidden in the heights of the tallest peaks, then you are in the vicinity of the potential of Source to have created places on the planet that have never been seen by or even imagined by the human mind.  It is good to expand imagination beyond the imaginable and run smack into the omnipotence of the Almighty.

And so it is.


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