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What a wonderful group of Reiki People!  I love our Reiki shares.  It’s like the best 2 hours of the month.  When the Reiki friends start coming through the door at 10:00 AM, hugs, hugs!  Here we go!!!  There is always so much to catch up on and touch base about.  It feels like so long ago when we were here last month! And we lovJanet.Sara.Michelee welcoming new Reiki people so come!  We meet every third Sunday of the month at Wall Street on Court Street in Cortland.

We do all that fun introductory stuff then jump right into the Reiki Share agenda.  We have time for questions and discussions especially about Reiki and energy work and life on the Ascension Road.  We discuss current topics, news, upcoming events and share ideas for other Shares. For example, is anyone interesting in getting together for a drumming circle?  That’s the latest.  Let me know.  Really–email me.  Oh, and I want to know where Reiki People “hang out” like at what websites, which wellness cenTony.Eileen.Michelle.Colleenters, and what books have you loved reading lately?  Your favorite spirituality/reiki/self help authors are…?

News:  Country Max is looking to set up a time for Reiki people to come in on a regular basis to give reiki to animals right there at their store.  Wow–isn’t that cool.  Are you interested?? Let me know.  They have a fabulous room there to use.  I feel like I’m in an Adirondack lodge or something in that room.

Ok then, back to the Share.  So get us all together and it doesn’t take long until–whew, talk about bringing in the divine energy.  There is nothing like a group of Reiki peeps to create an energy that is palatable.  The room heats up and away we go!  When the room fills up like that, everyone is touched and renewed.  That’s what we’re here for.

Then the energy “fill up” gets enhanced even more when Eileen gives the meditation. Eileen always comes up with these amazing meditations.  She prays and seeks and listens as she seriously desires to be of service and wants to bring us exactly what we all need.  How about that for a goal?  She’s on it.  Consistently on the money, the meditations are relevant and touching so thanks, Eileen!

And then you know what, we seem to be given something special to share in addition to the meditation every single meeting.  It’s crazy special.  Eileen will email me and say, “You must have gotten the download this time because I have nothing.”  And I’ll text back, “How did YOU know?” Seems like one or the other of us has something cool to bring to the group.

For example, sometimes Eileen brings a gift to all of us like a copy of her latest intuitive drawing.  Lately we have been so blessed with her drawings of archangels.  And the messages they give to her are …well, they are sometimes absolutely stunning, and always touching and meaningful.  They are revelations direct from the archangels saying what they want us to know about Who they are and What they like to do for us.  There has been a common theme too.  Want to know what it is that they all say?  They have all said:  “Ask us for help.  We are here for you and love you.”Andrea

Here’s another example of something special for the group.  Last month I was given a download of a new technique for a Reiki treatment.  In fact, it was a whole treatment with every step spelled out.  I call it the MRI–“Magnificent Reiki Imaging.”  You could call it Magnetic Reiki Imaging because the treatment makes good use of the magnetic influences of our body’s biology.  But I don’t want it to be confused with the traditional medical MRI so I’m going with Magnificent.

So I got to share this Magnificent Reiki Imaging.  What a blessing.  I had Eileen as my model so I could demonstrate each step, and the others followed along doing the steps on themselves for a Self Reiki treatment.  Tell you what–before the Reiki Share Eileen hobbled in with a real sore ankle, but she after we were done, she walked out straight as a pin with no pain.  How about that blessing from Spirit!

About the MRI treatment, I was not at all expecting to have a new treatment; it came out of the blue.  It was so amazing how it happened by emerging one part at a time over a series of treatments I gave to clients last week.  One piece of each of those treatments became a valuable part of the entire MRI.  Then there was this moment after this was going on for a week when I heard Spirit say, “Now put this all together.  This is a new Reiki Treatment I want you to do.  Follow my lead.”  I can’t speak for anyone else, but every time I have given this MRI, it has been a powerful healing treatment.

Something that led up to this…I felt inspired these last couple weeks by reading and learning about the growing volume of information on DNA and Activations of DNA.  There is a lot to plow through but tell you what, the joy is in understanding the implication for healers.  What is it about DNA that has importance for energy healing modality including Reiki?  Well, for one to thing, did you know that scientists have been baffled for years by the fact that anywhere from 90% to 97% of our DNA seems to have nothing to do with anything?  They even call it “DNA Junk”.  All the gene information and chromosomes and all that is only coded in about 3%-10% of the DNA at the most.  What’s that about?

Well, WE know what it’s about–God doesn’t make DNA junk so we know something is going on there.  I believe it’s because we are multidimensional beings that science can’t always identify those invisible pieces of us that are spirit.  We don’t even have all the tools yet or instruments that can do quantum measuring, so of course there is still mystery to it as far as science is concerned.

So here’s the latest news. Scientists are slowly discovering that there really is something going on in over 90% of the DNA, and it is indeed quantum stuff.  So of course Reiki or other energy healing techniques work because the very cells that make up who we are biologically as well as emotionally and spiritually are multidimensional and RESPOND to energy work; energetic intention and energetic communication. We can “activate” and “allow” our own healing when we recognize and appreciate how important the energy piece is. It’s in our biology to be multidimensional.  And there it is, right in 90%+ of our DNA.

The treatment then is about awakening every cell, offering reiki to it for two main purposes: to allow each cell to receive reiki attention and reiki intention to clear what needs cleared (or letting go what no longer serves) and secondly to fill each cell back up with reiki healing, reiki love, and reiki blessing.

Well I could go on and on about DNA and MRI.  Let me know if you want to hear more.  Come to the Reiki share and get the hand out about it.

For now, I will finish up about our Cortland Reiki Share.   We gather, have our meditation, learn something, then what do we do with all the fabulous energy hovering in the room?  Well, we take it all in, then apply it in service to each other.  It’s so great.  We spend the second hour of the meeting working on each other and then before you know it, time’s up.  Away we go feeling blessed for having been together, and inspired to be about our Reiki business in the world and in the service that God has given us.  Hope to see you there sometime soon.  I’ll give you a hint about something special coming up–it’s what I call the “River Crossing World Peace Dance.”  It’ll be fun!  and the energy that will come from it–eww la la.

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