Heaven: The Other Side

I’m interested in what heaven is talking about because I’m writing a book about it.  Well, that is the sub-title.  It’s fascinating to think about, isn’t it?  What goes on up there over there out there on the Other side? What’s it like there?  If the Other Side would talk or sing or make signs, what would it be about?

Why not think about it in terms of all the components of a good story:   who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Starting with the WHO.  Who is on the Other Side?  Who would be doing the talking and singing or writing or sending signs?  And is there a hierarchy of the who?  I would start with God, of course.  All major religions believe in that.  By the way, isn’t it interesting to study what it is that all major religions have in common.

WHO else is there with God…angels like Archangels and Guardian Angels.  Deceased Love Ones–humans and pets.  Saints like Mother Theresa, Mikao Usi, Geronimo.  And there are Spirit Guides.  The Holy Spirit.  And Ascended Masters from every religion like Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin.  Who else?

Who is talking and who are they talking to?  Who crosses back and forth between the veil or between the dimensions?  Who told you who is there and who is talking?  Who wants to know?

Who are YOU looking for on the Other Side?  We’re off on a journey.  Well, I am anyway.

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