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Coming soon will be messages that Spirit has spoken to Sharyn outside the context of Reiki sessions. Some will make you smile, some will bring you to tears, and some will resonate as Truth you are meant to hear to help with answers to some pretty tough questions. Sometimes Spirit says to Sharyn “Get our your pencil and paper; here is a message.” And sometimes with specific questions in mind, Sharyn asks outright “May we hear Your insight and help?”

Sometimes it happens like this.  Sharyn was feeling a little tired and weary with thought and worry when she heard in her soul, “Just sit down and rest a moment.  And have with you your tablet and pen.  I am Muriel. Let me tell you about Who I am and the work of the Archangels.”  She sat on a rocking chair and the words began to flow.  Words inspired and energized by Spirit.

“It’s both surprising and mind blowing when it happens,” Sharyn explains.  “The confirmation from the feeling and presence of the Spirit of love and peace make the experience unmistakably healing, comforting, and real.  We are multi-sensory beings and the more I have these opportunities to hear from Spirit, the more I know without a doubt that the work of Spirit is all for our highest good.”

Right after the Paris attacks at the end of 2015, Sharyn was upset and asked, “How are we to respond to these atrocities? How are we as Light Workers to respond to hatred and vengeance?” What was given is wisdom for the paradigm of fear and atrocity.  We will share it with you soon on this website.  It’s quite fascinating and powerful, so powerful that Sharyn found a peace and tolerance from the understanding that silenced her own reactive wish to strike back for the innocents.

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