The Year 2016 As Of February

For Baby Ani, what was going on in February, 2016?  Well gas prices were the best in a long time, under $2.  We just saw at the Science Expo those cars that can drive without a human driver.  The hit song was, oh man, help me out here–It’s not “Shake It Up” but that’s what I keep singing in my head because it’s one of our Jazzercise routines.  Wait, I know this one:  Record of the Year “Uptown Funk”–another Jazzercise song.  Uh oh, now that one is playing in my head.  Over and over.   One more music reference:  AlbumParrot close up of the Year–“1989” by Taylor Swift.

Speaking of Jazzercise, our leader was saying today during a routine (she was talking in order to distract us from the pain) that she wants to buy new sneakers but can’t decide which ones.  So she has 3 pairs of shoes sitting in her shopping cart.  Would that be out in the parking lot somewhere?  OK, I get it.  Online shopping.  Adding to my description of life in 2016, there is a lot of online shopping going on.

So Ani, in 2016 we loved our iphones, ipads, ipods, itablets, and ihappy ifigured out how to manage the auto correct on my phone.  This is what I learned: You have to re-read your message before hitting send.  And if you are in a hurry, pay attention to the little wavy green or red lines because they indicate questionable grammar or spelling.

In 2016 Obama was president and second graders didn’t learn cursive anymore.  My instinct was to revolt (I was a second grade teacher for many years) but come to think of it, all you have to do is scribble with your finger on that pad thing at the checkout or have an electronic signature, so who needs cursive?  Just think, I could become a sought after reader of historical documents some day while I’m in my rocking chair.  Ani and friends may not know how to read the foreign language of cursive.  I could be of service to humanity.

What else should we put in our Time Capsule here?  It’s only February so we have a lot of year to go.  It could be fun to sign this blog Guestbook for her and how about you include your favorite words of wisdom?  Actually, I could use some of that myself.  I just thought of something cool to write about in the next entry.  What do you suppose Ani could tell US about heaven?  What are the souls in heaven talking about these days?

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