Welcome Ani!

Ani Katherine Elaine EdmisterThis website came into being through the hard work and experience of our Reiki colleague, Jessica!  Thank you, thank you!  And to top it off, I get to write my first blog with this announcement–Little Baby Ani has arrived!  Of course the timing was perfect.  Ani was a little later than the anticipated due date but of course she was simply waiting for mom to finish this website.  That was very smart, Ani.  And thoughtful.  Thank you.

Baby Kanga

So congrats to my web designer and the whole family.  Thanks for bringing this bundle of Joy to Life.  The planet can use all the cherubs we can get, especially this little one.  I’ve sensed all along that this bright one has a life of magnificent service ahead.

Hey, let’s give a gift to this precious one!  Want to?  Let’s make a blog record here of the “Year of Baby Ani”.  This is what was happening in 2016–the year you were born!!  In the YEAR 2016, _______.  What shall we tell her?

I wonder what Hallmark is going to put on their card for LIFE in 2016?  Oh dear, I wonder if Hallmark will even be around anymore by the time Ani is–five?  I hope so but who buys cards much anymore?  Well, actually, I do.  Maybe greeting cards won’t be replaced by email cards.  Who knows.  Book lovers wondered if real books would be replaced by all the i-things and e-readers and Nook books.  But look at this, the real books are surviving and thriving.  Maybe Hallmark will too.

So what can we tell Baby Ani about the best of times and the…well, let’s stick with the best of times in 2016?

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